Approximately 0% of the world's servers are idling while you are reading this. Shouldn't we do something more useful with their computing capacity?

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We believe there is a massive amount of unused server capacity in the world. Afterall, most data centers are designed for peak demand. Our goal is to connect users with computing needs and server owners that have unused capacity.
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True Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing was invented to utilize unusued and low-performance server capacity.

With the battle between AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and IBM on who will dominate the Cloud, this vision has completely changed. In lieu of utilizing unused capacity, Cloud Providers are building large and larger data centers. We believe this is neither neccessary nor sustainable. Instead, we are building a true Cloud-at-Scale, utilizing unused capacity from existing servers all around the world.

How we make idling computing capacity usable.

We're running your workloads and jobs on a distributed computing cloud that utilizes idle capacity & sleeping servers.


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Security always first.

We are Ops & Security experts at heart. As such, we have been running some of the largest Cloud infrastructure across Europe. Running workloads on somebody else's server is especially tough. That's why we make sure that there is not a single step that runs unencrypted. Don't trust us? Good! Because we are Open Source.

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Where we run your workloads.

Your workloads will run on a globally distributed cloud of servers belonging to hobbyist server-owners, HPC clusters, GPU mining-ops, data-centers, cloud-providers and many more. Anyone can bring spare capacity to our ecosystem, based on your requirements we then dynamically allocate the necessary resources.

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A true, distributed Cloud-at-Scale.

Within our distributed cloud we can run any kind of workload that can be put inside a Docker container and a data package - you can decode the human genome, run an image processing engine, deep learning training or anything else you can think of. Imagine a large Content-Delivery-Network that serves computing tasks & applications rather than files. We're building a unique distribution system that allows you to configure your preferences from level of redundancy to latency and further down to the actual hardware requirements.

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We are Open.

We believe in an open world. That's why we rely exclusively on Open Source components for our stack and contribute to the Open Source projects we use. Therefore, all the code that runs your workloads or is installed on your servers is Open Source, so you can see for yourself that there is nothing hidden or risky.

Free forever for projects we care about.

During and after our initial test-phase we offer free computing resources for Open Source, Non-Profit and Early-Stage Startups. We want to support your project and enable innovation.

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Why we're doing it.

Our vision is to fully utilize the available computing power around the world.
Data Centers will still expand, but it's our goal to get the most out of every server there is today, prior to building new ones.

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Computing for everyone.

If it fit's in a container - we can run it. Can't afford to train your model on a large GPU cluster? We'll find one that is idling. Require a special environment, country, network or hardware? We'll make sure to get your workload the proper resources. Just want to get it done as soon as possible? We can include Cloud-Providers and scale by orders of magnitude. Our Cloud is for everyone - from free to fast.

It's our firm believe that there is more than enough server capacity available. By bringing all available capacity to the market, we believe that we can make large-scale computing more efficient and thereby much more affordable.

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Affordable & sustainanable computing.

We believe in sustainability and that current efforts aren't yet going far enough. The rapid expansion of DCs around the world, adding capacity that could be sourced from existing servers, is neither smart nor sustainable. A server's lifetime is limited to 3-5 years, it's our goal to maximize their utilization to 100%.

New technologies like the Blockchain, Deep- & Machine Learning and Big Data are driving the need for even more computing power and energy. We believe that our Distributed Cloud can unlock the power of these technologies for everyone and thereby help you build a better future.

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Ready to give it a try?

Let us know what kind of workloads you have in mind and we'll invite you to our first test-cloud. We are very much open to your ideas and would appreciate any feedback from you.

Right now we are not ready to take on commercial workloads and prioritize our fellow developers, ops & entrepreneurs:

This helps us for if we have further questions about your project.
We will never give your address to anyone else, but we need it to contact you about your project and resource needs.
Please provide us with a brief description or name of the project you would like computing power for.
If you can, please provide us with some links, contact information or anything else you think we should see.
Please tell us, what kind of computing power you are needing? Do you want to build software? If yes: Which language? Do you need GPUs for ML/AI? ...
How much computing power will you approximately need? (e.g. CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, RAM, Diskspace, ...)
Is there anything else you'd like to say? Feel free to give us feedback or ask questions, if you like.

Who is doing it

We are a small team of Open Source Loving Software Professionals.

Christoph Buchli
Kevin Häfeli

Technology we support <3

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